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ks. prof. Józef TischnerJózef Tischner (1931-2000) was one the most eminent Polish Catholic philosophers, a priest and a great authority for the Poles.

During his academic years spent in Polish Catholic Universities he devoted himself to developing his philosophical interests and also began to publish his first essays. Being a very kowledgeable person he cooperated with scientifis, artistic and medical circles.

Tischner was a professor of Catholic Universities, Cracow Drama School as well as Jagellonian University in Cracow. His excellent lectures drew crowds of students and other listeners.

In 1980s Father Tischner identified himself with the Solidarity movement which initiated the period of political and social changes in Poland. His famous homily in Wawel Cathedral in Cracow marked the beginning of the Ethics of Solidarity. At those times he was not only a priest but a great authority for those who wanted to build new democratic country after the collapse of communism.

Tischner was also the author of numerous books devoted to philosophical, social and religious values of life. His Highlander History of Philosophy became one of the bestsellers. Written in Tatra Highlans dialect he emphasised his great pride of his roots and social background and proved to be an exceptional storyteller. He gained further popularity and publicity through TV and radio broadcasts propagating universal truths.

Józef Tischner was an outstanding priest who played an important role not only in religious education of the Poles.

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